About Us

“I bought my first springer in 1973 and purchased my first field bred springer in l990.  I have been running field trials since 1992. Doorcreek Kennels is the  home of many champions; here is a few:  FC AFC CFC Doorcreek Megan (2nd place in 2000  Canadian Nationals),  AFC Doorcreek Annie, FC AFC Doorcreek Jake (CM 2001 Canadian National, Sire to NFC  AFC Harvest Moon’s Cinnamon Girl ) and AFC FC Doorcreek Hailey’s Diamond (4th Place at the National Amateur Championship 2006). I have had great opportunities to judges nationals including: 2007 National Amateur Championship along with the 2008 National Cocker Championship.   I have been breeding field bred Springer Spaniels since 1993.  I strive for natural ability and drive in my breeding.   I continue to hunt my dogs as well as field trial them.  I believe that is a big plus in a dog’s growth.”

“I had been running and judging springer trials for 12 years and did not own a Cocker Spaniel and started to judge cockers; the rules are very much the same.  After judging them for a  few years I knew where I wanted to get my first cockers from;  I fell is love with two females FC AFC Fallen Wings Piasa Bell and FC AFC Corazon Chyknell Oak Cookie and I was able to get a puppy from both of them. Thank you breeders for allowing me to have these fine field bred Cocker Spaniels to start with. ” Chuck Nelson.